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Links/News: June 27, 2011

Yale Global Online reports on the beheading of an Indonesian maid in Saudi Arabia. The funny part is, Saudi Arabia has an automatic seat on UN Women, a body “dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women…… A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.” What a sad, miserable joke. Another feminist paradise, Iran, was thwarted only after some last-minute wrangling by the United States.

Sticking with Saudi Arabia, the Oil Drum has a brilliant analysis on the geopolitics behind Saudi Arabia’s intervention after Bahrain was engulfed with protests this past summer:

Saudi troops crossing into Bahrain

“Bahrain wouldn’t seem to have a lot to offer, except that it seems to offer something for a million people (half of which are guest workers) living on a desert island. Why is it generating so much interest? Is there any oil left there? In this article, I will discuss some recent developments between Bahrain and its neighbors in the context of its long history.” (Read the complete article here)

The country is messed-up enough to inspire a LOT of curiosity – considering that it has basically had its boot on the throat of the world’s economy for atleast thirty years now. There was always a suspicion of OPEC countries over-stating reserves by a big amount, but could it be true that the Saudis, long seen as the one producer with enough spare capacity to tide over fluctuations in supply, have actually been running a GIANT Ponzi scheme simply to draw in more investment?

We live in interesting times!

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