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Links/Commentary: June 13, 2014

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For 25/Prairial/222:

  • I’ve been following Dickson Despommier’s work on urban farming for a few years now, and the Vertical Farming project has come far in the past five years.
  • One effect of Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana has been a significant spike in the potency – from 14-15% THC to about 25%. The NY Times’ Maureen Dowd put out a hilarious article last week, wherein a 60+ woman tried to pull off the stoner version of an irresponsible teenager going on an alcohol binge. I wonder if this not-so-bright woman tries to consume entire canisters of medication for headaches or allergies “if nothing happens at first”
  • Disturbing news from Iraq this week, as ISIS fighters swept into Mosul and Tikrit, echoing the Taliban’s rapid gains in 1995-96. This is very significant, because ISIS-controlled territory now sits astride major pipeline networks connecting Iraq to Turkey and the Mediterranean, while coming uncomfortably close to the super-giant Kirkuk oil field…
  • Iraqi Kurds want to see a divided Iraq, to create a Kurdish homeland. If the Sunni and Shia parts must splinter, can we can them Assyria and Babylon please?
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Links/Commentary: June 09, 2014

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Assorted commentary for today, 21/Prairial/222:

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Links/Commentary, June 08 2014

Assorted commentary for today, 20/Prairial/222:

I’d like to end with this article from the India Water Portal: Sobering voices amongst all the hype over the next iteration of “Ganga rejuvenation” plans. The BJP’s quoting of the Sabarmati “clean-up” as an example is most illustrative (like the rest of the “Gujarat model”). From the article: 

The BJP says that it will clean up the Ganga in Varanasi the way it has cleaned up the Sabarmati in Ahmedabad. Ecologists, aware of the work on the Sabarmati, oppose this. The water flowing through the Sabarmati in its 10.4 km stretch in the city of Ahmedabad is actually the water of the Narmada River diverted into Sabarmati. This water was originally meant for Kutch, Saurashtra and North Gujarat, they claim. Upstream of the Sabarmati, from the point where the Narmada main Canal releases water into it, the river is dry. “And if one goes down to the Vasna barrage, downstream of Ahmedabad along the Sabarmati, one can easily see the polluted river”, says Thakkar. “One could divert Narmada water into Sabarmati, because it is a small river. But if this model needs to be followed for a huge river like the Ganga, one will need to bring water from the Brahamputra. The cost of pumping water from the Narmada into the Kshipra river, the latest river interlinking project, is Rs. 16 lakh per day. One can imagine the cost if water has to be diverted into the Ganga. Is it sustainable?”, he asks.

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