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Links/Commentary: June 13, 2014

For 25/Prairial/222:

  • I’ve been following Dickson Despommier’s work on urban farming for a few years now, and the Vertical Farming project has come far in the past five years.
  • One effect of Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana has been a significant spike in the potency – from 14-15% THC to about 25%. The NY Times’ Maureen Dowd put out a hilarious article last week, wherein a 60+ woman tried to pull off the stoner version of an irresponsible teenager going on an alcohol binge. I wonder if this not-so-bright woman tries to consume entire canisters of medication for headaches or allergies “if nothing happens at first”
  • Disturbing news from Iraq this week, as ISIS fighters swept into Mosul and Tikrit, echoing the Taliban’s rapid gains in 1995-96. This is very significant, because ISIS-controlled territory now sits astride major pipeline networks connecting Iraq to Turkey and the Mediterranean, while coming uncomfortably close to the super-giant Kirkuk oil field…
  • Iraqi Kurds want to see a divided Iraq, to create a Kurdish homeland. If the Sunni and Shia parts must splinter, can we can them Assyria and Babylon please?
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