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Links/Commentary: June 13, 2014

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For 25/Prairial/222:

  • I’ve been following Dickson Despommier’s work on urban farming for a few years now, and the Vertical Farming project has come far in the past five years.
  • One effect of Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana has been a significant spike in the potency – from 14-15% THC to about 25%. The NY Times’ Maureen Dowd put out a hilarious article last week, wherein a 60+ woman tried to pull off the stoner version of an irresponsible teenager going on an alcohol binge. I wonder if this not-so-bright woman tries to consume entire canisters of medication for headaches or allergies “if nothing happens at first”
  • Disturbing news from Iraq this week, as ISIS fighters swept into Mosul and Tikrit, echoing the Taliban’s rapid gains in 1995-96. This is very significant, because ISIS-controlled territory now sits astride major pipeline networks connecting Iraq to Turkey and the Mediterranean, while coming uncomfortably close to the super-giant Kirkuk oil field…
  • Iraqi Kurds want to see a divided Iraq, to create a Kurdish homeland. If the Sunni and Shia parts must splinter, can we can them Assyria and Babylon please?
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Links/News: May 26, 2012

Assorted stuff for the day:
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Links: May 25, 2012

Back to blogging after a long long time. Here are some highlights of stuff I’ve been reading today:

The Poverty of Nations (Counterpunch), on Adam Smith’s magnum opus turned upside-down in today’s world 
Athina Tsangari reviews Brooklyn Castle, a middle school in Central Brooklyn with a large (and rather successful) Chess programme
Building on CJ’s post on old-is-gold computer games, here is one awesome repository!
Oil Wars on the horizon (Counterpunch). I’ll probably deal with some of this in longer posts subsequently.
Alstom Foundation announces 90,000 euro grant to Husk Power Systems (The Hindu). HPS is a rather nifty concept aimed at villages deemed “economically unviable” to reach via conventional electricity transmission mechanisms
“Healthy” elephant populations in the four Southern states (The Hindu). I noticed the “indirect evidence” bit in particular, having seen it used in tiger counts in 2006 – and having closely followed the rather embarassing series of events that followed, culminating in the shutting down of Project Tiger
Good news from Ranthambore – its raining litters! (The Hindu)
The start of a new resource war? Oil discoveries in Kenya’s Turkana Basin could lead to a situation not unlike that in the Niger Delta, if current attitudes persist (Project Syndicate)
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